Casa Tequila Shanghai

Showroom with comfortable atmosphere for sampling tequila

Casa Tequila is a corporation of Chinese and Mexican Governments put together by Proméxico Shanghai. As appointed architect for Mexican Consulate in China, we were asked to develop the concept, idea and create a showroom at the Free Trade Zone of Shanghai. The space also houses the trading offices of the Mexican/Chinese consortium.

Main features:

  • Wooden structure to resemble shape of the agave plant, which is used in the production of tequila
  • Surrounded with shelving of different raw materials and backgrounds according to brand to give each brand a different look
  • Central service area represents Mexican Cantina where customers can sample the different alcohol
  • Diffused lighting for ambiance
  • Poly cement flooring and stone of pyramids to resemble the old period of Mexico


  • Location:  Shanghai, China
  • Client:      Casa Tequila