CCG Shanghai Headquarters

Transformation of an existing three-storey industrial building into modern office spaces with a contemporary and vibrant interior

The end product of this project utilizes mezzanines, hanging panels, restored features of the original factory and traditional Chinese elements resulting in an attractive and playful array of office spaces. The addition of a new glazed fourth storey on the top level has increased the total floor area and given the building a more dynamic exterior.

Main features:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the factory elements, and fulfilling loft office needs
  • Reinforcement and vertical circulation additions in some areas.
  • Passive ventilation systems combined with low emission HVAC systems
  • Combination of many programmatic requirements such as meeting rooms, a bar, private offices, areas for relaxation and other facilities within a larger functioning office building.
  • 100% reclaimed wooden material.


  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Client:    Cross Communication Group
  • Area:     7,000 sqm
  • Cost:     8,800,000 RMB