Dubai Fujairah Beach Gardens

Mixed use town development around a private sea lagoon

The site surrounds a private bay that was created for the whole development. Sustainability is promoted by providing a pedestrian pathway around the entire site, as well as roads for the use of eco-friendly electric cars, with charging stations. There is a wide array of user oriented facilities, such as a hotel, themed restaurants, commercial open air galleries, high-end villas, a residential light house, shopping mall, marina, a water park, an underwater aquarium, and two spa islands.

Main features:

  • Park that serves as a buffer from the ocean and the desert
  • Dhow boats connect spa islands to the peninsula
  • The end of the narrow peninsula has residential villas on the water front that are built on stilts, giving a feel of exclusivity for the residents
  • Gallery and shopping area is Toldo-covered to provide shelter from the sun
  • Daily rental cabanas
  • Decked boardwalk along the beach
  • Underwater aquarium has acrylic cylinders for people dive in to see the sea life underwater
  • Roofed plaza along the sea shore


  • Location: Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
  • Client:     Leisure Consultants
  • Area:       320,000 sqm