Dubai Fujairah Mall

An oasis in the desert strategically located between green mountains and beautiful beaches

Oasis Fujairah Mall will be the first beach shopping mall and entertainment complex in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates. Located on the coast of Fujairah, it aims to please the demands of both locals and international tourists in the area.

Main features:

  • Main building is a 3-storey shopping mall and family entertainment center
  • Botanical gardens and entrance park on the mountain side of the mall to act as a green buffer for future residential villas to be located at the foot of the mountains
  • Beach boardwalk on the ocean side with retail, food, and beverage
  • Elevated walking pathways to appreciate scenic views of ocean and mountains
  • Beachfront amenities: wave pool, marina, and amphitheater
  • Parking area covered with green roofs, solar panels and water collection/filtration system
  • Passive ventilation and shading systems to reduce the impact of climate-controlled environments
  • Reflective glass roof tops


  • Location: Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
  • Client: Leisure Consultants
  • Total Built Area: 155,000 sqm
  • Site: 450,000 sqm