Jiading 2 Vanke

City meets nature in this master planned mixed use development

Jiading 2 Vanke is a new mixed use town oriented to elderly and kids, which is developed on a vineyard in Shanghai’s Jiading District.

Main features:

  • Maintained part of the existing vineyard in one end of the site, and put a golf course on the other end, providing a buffer on each end of the site
  • Office buildings in the centre create a central business district for the site
  • Residential consists of townhouses, villas, mid-rises, and feature an “in law suite” so that grandparents can take care of kids while parents are working
  • Sport/Recreational facilities on site
  • Ecology of the site maintained through use of master planning with wetlands, agriculture, canals and trees are lined throughout the site to give it a natural feel
  • Car-free central boulevard, with an electric tram from end to end


  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Client: Vanke
  • Area: 6,000,000 sqm
  • Site: 2,040,000 sqm