Phoenix Commercial Tower

Mixed use complex in the heart of the city

This mixed use development is connected by a central sunken plaza accessing the retail arcade and underground subway. It consists of 4 residential towers, one serviced apartment, and one main tower with offices and executive suites on top. The main goal of this design is to attract as many uses as possible through use of green corridors, public squares, and a central atrium.

Main features:

  • Heart of development is central open atrium which contains a 4-storey high-end retail plaza
  • Façade is a combo of glass, stone, and LED screens creating a very attractive entrance
  • Main entrance on corner creating plaza/square with access to subway
  • Use of green roofs above retail area creates the boundary between the residential and commercial uses and enhances the ecology of the site, preventing urban heat island effect, and providing thermal insulation
  • Executive suites have main lobby located at penthouse of main tower, and are each connected with a single elevator to the parking garage.


  • Location:  Shenyang, China
  • Area:        275,800 sqm