A green ribbon of life along Suzhou Creek

The Shanghai Putuo Ribbon of Life will be a landscaped park along both sides of the creek between South Qilianshan and Zhenbei Roads. It will have a long continuous pedestrian thoroughfare of people-oriented open spaces.

Ongoing environmental upgrading of Suzhou Creek will enhance water quality and restore ecosystems and biodiversity. Suzhou Creek will be a key part of the park experience, rather than a barrier. To this end, pedestrian bridges will provide connectivity that is needed between the north and south side of the river for both park users and people passing through, and strong north-south pedestrian links leading to and away from the park will be used to connect the park with surrounding areas, particularly metro stations.  This increased connectivity will make getting to and from the park by foot a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

A major goal of this park is to minimize negative impact of nearby roads, enhance the pedestrian experience as much as possible. In addition, the park will serve as a stimulus to economically and environmentally enhance new urban uses, activities and businesses. Finally, it responds to the needs of the immediate neighbourhood, Putuo District, and Shanghai as a whole.

Moreover, the elevated roads that pass through the park site are currently pedestrian barriers, but they present an opportunity to be utilized as a sculptural element, creating an attractive entrance to the park and serving as an umbrella from sun and rain. Beneath the road will be a covered public square containing sport facilities, information centre, toilets, bike rental, retail, and security. By being an inviting space with a variety of features and activities, there will be year-round enjoyment of the park by all ages.

Main features:

  • Old industrial buildings to be preserved and repurposed as museums and exhibition spaces
  • Retail riverside boulevard
  • Gardens
  • Performance area
  • Water park
  • Education area
  • Sports and leisure centres
  • Promenade and bicycle path
  • Sculpture park
  • Open lawn play area


  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Area:       350,000 sqm